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Our vision.
And mission is to bring knowledge and firsthand experience of highend guitargear to more people. We want to create a virtual and a real place where we can meet, talk and play cool amps and pedals.
What we see in the future is a big network of "gearheads".
UGG is based in Stockholm, Sweden. So it is here the majority of Tp:s will be held.
To all Swedes we'd like to explain that this site is in english because we expect to have readers from other countrys as well.
Besides we are to lazy to translate everything anyway. E-mails can be written in Swedish of course.

The guys behinde UGG!

Anders Bergdahl:
Iím almost 40 and have played the gee-tar for almost 25 years now. I play mostly stones style rock, blues and country.
In my dreams I would like to play like a cross between Albert Lee, Robben Ford, Keith Richards and Muddy Waters. The technique and humor of Lee, the tone and jazz knowledge of Robben, the rhythm and timing of Mr Riffhard, and the emotion of THE Muddy slide solo.
Because of kids and stuff I havenít played that much the last 5 years but late 2001 my recent Tone Quest started when I bought Fender Prosonic amp and a Reverend Slingshot Custom guitar. I was not satisfied with the sound amp so a serious hunt for tone started..
Searching for gear has been frustrating since itís almost impossible to try out all of the great gear you read about here in Sweden, one of the reasons we start Ultimate Guitar Gear is to create a place where you CAN try this esoteric stuff.
My quest has led to buy a Mystic Blues amp without trying first!! And I was NOT disappointed, I wish that every player could try an amp of this caliber at least once; it might change many players life. Guitar wise I have mostly used Tele style guitars the last 10 -15 years first a 52í reissue that a traded maybe 8 years ago for a G&L ASAT Classic. Before the Tele period I had a worn but good sounding LesPaul JR 57 which I was stupid enough to sell!!!!
I also have a Ernie Ball MM Albert Lee, MJ Guitars GT and a Reverend Slingshot, my humbucker needs will soon be remedied by a Ruokangas Duke Special Deluxe!!
E-mail: anders@ultimateguitargear.com

Fred Heghammar:
Fred Heghammar 30 years old, and have played guitar for 15 years. Now days you will find me Funking with Swedens grooviest Funk'n Soul band Soulbump.
Started my music career with Floyd Rose equipped Ibanez guitars through a solid state poweramp and a rack case with tons of effects, and ended up with a Tele a cable and a good Tube amp. My big guitar hero is and will always be Jimi Hendrix! But I also like Carlton and many of the No name guitarist behind the 60-70-soul artists. The journey to find the ultimate tone has been long and expensive and have included amps like Fender BF, Marshalls, Matchless, Budda, and a couple of Mystique Amps just to mention a few.
Now days I play my Fender Telecaster -67 through a custom made Mystic Blues combo, or a Komet. To tweak my tone I use, Mystic Wonderland (OD pedal by Mystique Amps), Klon Boost, DD3 delay and a Budda Wha+.
Other guitars in the collection is Gibson Les Paul Classic with Lindy Fralins, Fender Telecaster -74, Custom made Strat (warmouth) and an Takamine.
E-mail: fred@ultimateguitargear.com

Ulf EdelŲnn:
I'm 35 years old and been playing the guitar for almost 30 years. I'm also UGG:s selfcertified vintage nut. My interest in gear is as old as my interest in the guitar.
The first guitar I got was a Fender Strat-77. I had it for a couple of years but sold it cheap to get a guitar with a pointy headstock equiped with emg:s and a Floyd Rose !!! There's the 80:s for you.
My favorite guitarists is a long list. I grew up on people like David Gilmoure and Brian May and a lot of guys from the 70:s. Nowdays a admire guitarists like the Edge and Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead). Allthou I'm an vintage freak I'm no purist. I can use a POD for recording if it's more convinient. I also like to use a lot of effects to create textures.
The guitars I have owned and remember the most is a Fender Esquire-62 and a Strat-66.
Amps that come to mind is a couple of mystic heads and a white full Marshall stack from -68.
Today I only have a Tele and a Les Paul.
I seem to gravitate towards two pickup guitars instead of three.
Ampwise I'm back to vintage: an old Marshall plexi head with a 4*12 and a Vox AC-30.
My favorite effects right now are Lovetone pedals (Ringstinger and ? flanger).
E-mail: ulf@ultimateguitargear.com

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