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UGG also works as freelance writers for the scandinavian guitar magazine called FUZZ.
In the Fuzz Magazine we got our own column in every second edition where we write about ultimate guitar gear. We also do test on "regular" equipment as well now and then.

Below you see the issue where we have been published, they can be ordered from www.fuzz.se.

  UGG article about Komet 60 and Komet Amplification

Review from Scandinavian Guitar Show.
  UGG article about Johan Landgraff and Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive.

  UGG article about Kevin O Connor, London Power Studio Amp.  
  UGG article about Greg Germino Amps and Germino Lead 55  
  UGG article about Komet Constellation 30 and Komet Amplification.

  UGG article about Mystique Amps, Mystic Blues "Trixie" Custom Combo.  
  UGG article about Steen Skrydstrup, Skrydstrup OD50.
Big test on THD Flexi 50 and Randall RM50 amps.
  Big test on Vibe Pedals
Roger Meyer Voodoo Vibe JR, BJF Mint Green Vibe, Dubtronics The Vibe, Voodoo Lab Microvibe, T-Rex Beta Vibe, Fulltone Mini Deja-Vibe

Interview with Scott Henderson.

UGG Article about Tony Bruno Amps, Super 100 and Underground 30
  Big test on Mosrite Guitars
Ventures MK 1 and Jhonny Ramone Signature

Interview with Sebastian Nylund from Thomas Ledin Band.
  Big test on Power Soaks
Marshall Power Brake, THD Hot Plate, Weber Mass, Mystique Amps Dampulator.

  Articel about Ken Fischer and Trainwreck circuits.
Big test on all Trainwreck models!

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