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The Toneparty concept is really the heart and soul of UGG.
The Toneparty (Tp) is a forum where you can try all the stuff, you usually just read about, in person.

When we att UGG first got together it was because for our love of gear. Anytime someone of us buys a piece of equipment we set up a Tp. and test the stuff. Comparing it to gear we already own or have in our possesion for the moment. This "hands on" approach is really the only way to decide if an amp or a pedal is right for you. Since a lot of the cool stuff was manufactured outside Sweden it's needless to say that a lot of effort and money has gone in to aquiring some of our gear. Of course this has ment that we sometimes have ended up with gear that we thought we would like but didn't. Since we didn't have the possebility to try it out. Now though there is a growing number of "Boutique builders" in Scandinavia. Their stuff is truly cool but still difficult to get hold of.

Here is were we want to extend the Tp. concept to more people. To reach other "gearfreaks". We want to share our gear and the small amount of knowledge we might have. Also to meet people that have gear that we would love to try. If you have read on the net about a new amp that your're really interested in. But can't try because it's out of reach for you. There's a small chance someone at UGG has it. Or someone we know. Our goal is to make it easier (and cheaper) to learn more about highend gear.

On this site you can read about some of the stuff that's avaliable for Tp:s. We will have Tp:s regulary. How often depends on the interest we receive. Please e-mail us and tell us what you think about all this. Tell us what gear you interested in. If you have something yourself that you would like to bring etc.
After the Tp:s we will write about our impressions of the gear we have tested. What's important to remember is that it's just our opinions. But we still think that it can give you some indication of the gear in question.
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Tone Party Calender


4/1 UGG Tone Party
The 4 of January, there is a Tone Party presented by UGG in Stockholm Sweden.
Send us an email for more info.


12/3 UGG and Custom Sounds Tone Party
The 12 of Mars, there is a Tone Party presented by UGG and Custom Sounds Sthlm. The TP will be held in Custom Sounds shop located at Drottningatan 110, in Stockholm Sweden.
We will show/demo: Mad Professor Amps, Mystique Amps, Thunderbird, Komet, Fire Amp, Lenhert, Moollon pedals, BJF pedaler, TIM, FETTO and much more.
If you are in the hoods, please drop by!


29/5 Big spring Tone Party
Meet us at "tube guru" Kevin O Connor's event in Gnesta, Sweden the 29 of may.
Gnesta, Sweden (50 km south of Stockholm) The workshop starts 10.00 and the Tone Party starts at 19.00.
(You don't have to visit the workshop to join the TP)
Read more at http://www.londonpower.com/workshops04.htm

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