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Gear shown on this page are own by persons in the UGG network and could be tryed out at the Tone partys.
Some of the gear is also for rental, send us an e-mail for more info and pricing.

More amps comming soon!!!

Hand made amp by Adam Stark. It a very touch sensitive amp that reminds somewhat of a tweed Bassman combined with a JTM-45.
This is #5 of 10 built. It has quite a lot of gain and can be controlled from the guitar and the way you pick the strings. The amp is very different from a few of my other amps and VERY fun to play. Cool sounds that range from Cooder, Landreth to ZZ-top, even some Robben Ford sounds can be found but the FEEL when you play
is a lot different than a Dumble style amp. More info: www.adamstark.com


The Komet™ Constellation 30
The Constellation 30 is brand new and original design based on a cathode biased four EL84 output section without negative feedback.
It features 2 independent pre-amps with different voicing and gain characteristic, and no tone controls of any kind, except a global high cut located in the output section. The Constellation 30 features a single input that automatically feeds the guitar signal into both parallel pre-amps. The sounds of both pre-amps can be blended utilizing the two independent volume controls.


The Komet™
Komet is a powerful 60-watt, all tube amplifier. It is not intended as a practice amp, nor will it produce blistering distortion at bedroom volume levels. The amp's breakup sets in at the point of output tube distortion and is therefore naturally related to the playing volume of a live performace situation. At that level the Komet™ will allow you to have clean and crunchy rhythm sounds, as well as a fat, singing lead tone at your command. The clean tone at lower volumes is full and punchy, with all the harmonic complexity and touch responsiveness present. It allows you to use any kind of effects pedal with excellent results.

Sound samples:
>> Sound sample with Gibson Les Paul
>> Sound sample with Fender Stratocaster
(Sound samples from www.kometamps.com)



Germino Lead 55
Greg Germino lives in North Carolina, USA, and has a passion for old Marshalls. The Germino Lead 55 is an amp designed for the Marshall plexi lover It has the same features as a plexi-50 watter, but has several improvements: Custom wound transformers by Heyboer, Mallory 150 series caps, 2 Watt military pots and CTS pots, Belton octal sockets. Carling switches, fully insulated Cliff jacks. JJ filter caps wired with stranded copper wire in an aluminum chassis. It has all the things your plexi has but more and better: tight but still huge low end, crunchy mid and a sweet, non pearcing high end. It also cleans up better when lowering your guitar volume better than any Marshall we played.



Mystic Blues #Trixie
Trixie is an unique Mystic Blues amp tweaked for Fred at UGG.
These fine Dumble inspired amps are made in Europe by Mystique Amps, the owner is a very mystic man himself, very hard to find and get in contact with him, you need to know the right middleman like UGG if you like to get in touch with him and order an amp. There are a few in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan. Mystique Amps only makes 2-3 amps per year so it´s not for everybody.


Mystic Blues #Ruth
Ruth is made to give a SRV like sound without the Overdrive engaged and a Robben Ford style sound with overdrive engaged. It has two NOS GE 6L6's as powertubes the preamtubes are not expensive NOS tube but rather common tubes matched and tested the designer of the amp.
The Cab is a ported 1*12" cab with a EV speaker, the cab does a great job at preserving the complexity and clearness of the amp itself.

Currently the amp is modded to have a Robben Ford 90's style overdrive, that also means that it is possible to get a lot of semi distorted sounds when overdrive is engaged. The amp also have a tube driven effects loop that can be used to give an extra boost and a somewhat more Marshall like distortion. Other features on Mystic Blues amp are Blues/jazz switch, Mid boost and bright switch.


Steen Skrydstrup designed this with the aim to reproduce the type of sounds that Robben Ford have on the Blue Line records. Fat responsive clean to semi clean with a biting yet smooth overdrive and a lot of sustain. Some original features is foot controllable mid boost as well as the more “standard” boost and OD on and off foot switches as well as a two position bright switch. A real players amp, perfect for Blues, Fusion, Jazz, Country, Funk or any guitarist searching for truly a professional amp that delivers ultimate guitar tone.

Sound samples:
>> Clean tones
>> Dirty tones


Mystique Amps one off 100w in former Mesa Simulclass chassi
This amp is a Rock'n'roller. The specification from the guy who ordered it was small, dynamic, 3D, Touch sensitive, control from Guitar Volume, power tube distortion at reasonable volume level and sound from Vox/Fender style clean to Marshall roar.


Marshall JTM 50 Super PA Mark III -66.
One of our favorite. Aluminum chassi, rectifiertube and cream backpanel. Sounds amazing. The perfect blend between a JTM 45 and a JMP plexi.


Vox AC-30 TB -65.
What can we say. Top boost chassi with silver alnico speakers. Our other favorite. We use it primarily for recording. Nothing beats it when it comes to semi distorted sounds. Preferably with single coil equiped guitars


Fender Showman -64
This is a July 64 Blackface Showman with blond tolex. Blond tolex can be found on some blackface amps up until August or September 1964. The Showman is basically a Twin top without reverb but with tremolo instead. The power section has four 6L6 style tubes and solid-state rectifier with negative feedback. This configuration gives a strong powerful clean Fender Twin style sound. It’s a loud amp, rated to 85w. Sadly it has the infamous Hagström transformer but Vintage Vibe has fixed it so that all voltages are the correct ones. If you are interested you can read about the restoration here.


Sound City 100 MK2 Custom
This Sound City head is pretty unique. First of all it's an early head, made somewhere during -68. Secondly there is strong evidence that Dave Reeves of Hiwatt fame has built or modified it. Reeves was actually working for SC and designed the Mark 1 and mark 2 models, but had quit SC to start Hiwatt at the time this head was made. The cosmetics like the Chickenhead knobs and the all white piping as well as the serial number indicates a strong connection to Reeves, but how and why it was made we don't know. If there's anyone out there who has info about this head, please mail us.
Click here for some more photos


Edgar D-lux
Sixten Forsén is the designer behind the Edgar D-lux. He's chosen a different path compared too many boutiquers.

The D-lux comes as a kit, not a finished amp. It's based on the 5E3 "Narrow Panel Tweed Deluxe"
The D-lux has all the characteristics the Tweed Deluxe have, but sounds more refined.


"This is an old Valco amp, One 6v6 one 12ax7 and a tube rectifier. It has a 10" speaker with the OTP mounted on the speaker. Valco and Supro are basically the same. These amps where originally sold together with a lapsteel. Its a small portable amp with attitude, sounds great with harp o guitar. Not much clean head room and not really loud enough for live use, maybe as miked harp amp, these amps are great for practice or recording. Much of Jimmy Page guitar with Led Zeppelin are recorded with a small Supro amp. If you play chords through it cranked it's a great classic rock sound at a pleasant volume, on the clips the tone is full up and volume is 3/4 up, great blues sound"

Sound samples:
>> valco.mp3


Marshall 4*12 -67.
Pinstripe grillcloth and one of the first Marshall cabs ever using the venerable Celestion G12H 30 watt speaker. A small sticker hiding the 25 watt inscription a transition method before they got the new round greenback labels with 30watts on them


Marshall 4*12 -68.
Basketweave Celestion G12H 30 watt speaker, sounds amazing!


Marshall 4*12 -74.
Checkerboarder grillcloth loaded with Celestion G12M 25 watt speaker. Classic rock monster from the seventhies.


Effects / Pedals
Star Touch ABY
Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive
Captain Coconut
Budda Wah+
Analag Man Bicomprossor
Analog Man Clon Chorus
Analog Man Sun Face
Austine Textone Fuzz
BJF Little Red Trebler (treble boost)
Klon Centaur
Little Lanaeli reverb
Budda Wah +
Mystic Wonderland OD by Mystique Amps
Lovetone Ringstinger
Lovetone ? flanger
Digitech Whammy (original, red one)
BJF Baby blue OD (# 001)
BJF Dyna red dist
BJF Baby pink boost
Crowther Hot cake
Carl Martin Hot drive'n boost mark II
Boss DD-2
Boss DD-3
Roger Mayer modded Crybaby.

Assorted vintage pedals.

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