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Tone Party

The 12 of Mars, we had a Tone Party together with Custom Sounds Sthlm. The TP was held in Custom Sounds shop located at Drottningatan 110, in Stockholm Sweden.

We had alot of cool amps such as Mad Professor Amps, Mystique Amps, Thunderbird, Komet, Fire Amp, Lenhert, Moollon pedals, BJF pedaler, TIM, FETTO and much more.

Below you will find a few pics from the event.

Anders to the left and some of the guests

Some of Custom Sounds inventory

Andreas Rydman from Custom Sounds and his band FAT

Heavy Metal in the Custom Sounds shop

Lasse shows his best moves in front of the Professor

Guests in the Custom Sounds shop

Rydman to the right and some of the guests

TC and Fred with some cool amps

Moollon pedals on top of the Mad Professor

The star of the show, Cougar's Thunderbird

Backside of the birdy

UGG och Custom Sounds


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