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Geeky Sunday review
By Fred Heghammar UGG.

Geeky Sunday.
After our summer break we got together to try out our own stuff we got in the stable. It’s not everyday we have the time to put all our stuff at the same place except for the Guitar Show, but you know how does work…You mostly talk, and talk and…
We ended up with some cool amps at Ulf’s rehearsal studio, A couple of Mystic Blues, a Komet Constellation, Adam Stark Fireamp, a Skrydstrup and some vintage pieces. All the amps are captured on video with a DV Cam (internal microphone used), so we will let the video talk for them self.

First we started with Ulf’s new Mystic Blues 100. It’s a one off green suede, EL34 custom made amp for Ulf loaded with good tone. Ulf runs the guitar through his “loop based” pedal board loaded with some goodies like Hot Cake, BJF Baby Pink, Lovetone pedals, whammy, DD2 and some other stuff.
MB 100 Video

Then we moved on to a Mystique Amps prototype.
45w EL34 rock monster that cleans up really good with the guitar volume.
MB Proto Video

Then we fired up Anders Mystic Blues 50.
Anders mystic is tweaked for the classic Robben Ford tone, but I feel this lovely amp delivers more then that, it’s a killer amp. The touch response is awesome, just see the video clip.
MB 50 Video

The Danish dynamite was up next.
Very cool amp, lovely clean sounds and a instant Carlton lead tone.
OD50 Video 1
OD50 Video 2

Fireamp, well its only rock’n roll but we like it.
If you close your eyes you can feel Mr Watts behind your back playing the drums at a big arena show. Killer classic R’nR sounds al'a Stones.
FA Video 1
FA Video 2

Komet Constellation 30.
This is me playing my C30 through my pedal board. First you hear only the clean channel with hot cake and then with TIM. Later you see me add the second channel for some nice lead tone.
C30 Video 1
C30 Video 2

V-stack pedals.
Nice pedals, sounds great. Here you can listen to them plugged in to my Komet constellation 30, pretty nice If I might say..
VS BHM Video
VS Classic Video
VS Tweedy Video

Br / Fred

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