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Startouch Pedals review
By Fred Heghammar UGG.

Startouch Pedals
If you like I have too many good sounding amps, you probably want to use them as much as possible. So when I bought my second Komet amp, I felt that I really needed a way to use these amps together. Cause these babies really sounds good in a wild duet. This was how my search for a good A/B+Y pedal began.
As always I did start looking on the net for what the market had to offer at the moment and I quickly realised that Startouch was the real thing to have. So I browsed in on www.startouchpedals.com to read about their pedals.
The first thing that hit was, man they must have written to wrong price in here, only $79 for a A/B and around $99 for a A/B+Y. Man thatís cheap! After some reading, I did chose to go for the A/B+Y pedal (since I love to run my Komets in stereo).
Before I ordered it I email Tony at Startouch with some question regarding the logistics.
The day after I got a phone call from Tony, thatís what I call service!
We talked for a while and he explained the concept behind the pedals and I began to like it more and more. Tony uses the best parts available for the pedals, and build them on the famous Trainwreck concept, less is more! During the phone call I decided to go for a red A/B+Y pedal with matching LEDís.
Tony is a REALLY nice guy with a good knowledge about music and for me thatís as much important as a good product. I mean if the person behind the product doesnít share my thoughts on a good tone, how can I then be happy with the product?

After a week the package arrived to cold Sweden and I run of the post office to pick it up.
I un wrapped the package and a rather small but heavy pedal did appear.
These pedals are built as a tank, thatís for sure! RUGGED 16 gauge steel chassis with powder coated finish, it shines SUPER QUALITY.
The pedal got two switches; one for A or B, the other for all on. Battery or DC powered. One in and two out puts, with an LED indicator for each channel. When the all on is engaged, both LEDs are on. And man theses LEDís really shine, bright as the sun.
The including manual is straight-forward and to the point. Not dealing with rocket science here, but he covers everything needed... operating, trouble-shooting, and basic maintenance, and provides contact info just in case.
Eagerly I plugged in between my little babies. Iím rather petty about what I plug into my komets since Iím very found of the shimmer they produce. Some pedals and power soaks makes these wonderful tones disappear, but not the Startouch pedals.
Itís completely transparent with no changes in tone. No pops, ground noise, or volume drops...exactly what I've been looking for. An absolutely dead silent switching! It will definitely depend on your set-up, but the Komets are really sensitive in this matter and the Startouch passed the test with an A!
So if you are looking for a VERY good A/B or an A/B-Y pedal you better check out Startouch before you purchase any other brand.


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